[Taxacom] barcoding article

Jason Mate jfmate at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 07:12:48 CDT 2010

the real insidious nature of the current molecular systematics boom is subtle, but goes something like this:in some corner of the Southern Hemisphere is a systematics unit which really isn't up to much - anybody who is any good would work elsewhere, but still there is enough public science funding to be had to be significant to an individual's life. Doing real descriptive taxonomy is hard and tedious work, particularly if your not really all that good at it. Then comes along molecular systematics - hurray! We can use the money to tour around the country again and again, collecting fresh samples, one species (or one study) at a time. Then all we need to do is grind the specimens up, put them through a "DNA machine", do a bit of basic analysis, draw a few graphs and things, and publish - hey presto! But what about all the taxa that aren't even named yet? Oh, don't worry about those, they don't matter ... Again, there are crap scientists, and there are good scientists. Your email reflects some issue you have with a funding body but the data source is not to blame.BestJason 		 	   		  

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