[Taxacom] Positions available at the Natural History Museum London for a Research Assistant and a Post-Dictoral Research Assistant in mosquito systematics

Ian Kitching i.kitching at nhm.ac.uk
Sat Jul 31 14:16:43 CDT 2010


The Mosquito Group at the Natural History Museum, London, wish to recruit an experienced Research Assistant and an experienced Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work within our multidisciplinary team on culicine mosquito systematics. 


As Research Assistant, you will be responsible for the preparation, dissection and recording of morphological specimens and data and assisting with molecular laboratory procedures. Other duties will include compiling mosquito data files of published descriptions and illustrations and the tracking and databasing of specimens from the NHM and other museums. You will have knowledge of general biology and laboratory procedures together with an understanding of insect classification and anatomy, preferably in Diptera.


A BSc, equivalent or higher degree in Biological Science is essential.




As Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, you will be responsible for successfully extracting, generating and analysing DNA sequences from both fresh and museum mosquito specimens.  

You will also be responsible for establishing a database of mosquito specimens and corresponding DNA data, and assisting in the recording of morphological data. You will have significant working knowledge of the principles and practices of molecular genetics and the proven ability to undertake phylogenetic analyses of morphological and molecular data.


A PhD or equivalent in a Biological Science, preferably Molecular Biology, is essential.



For full job descriptions and to apply online, please visit the Natural History Museum website at www.nhm.ac.uk/jobs <http://www.nhm.ac.uk/jobs> 



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