[Taxacom] Objective synonyms?

Francisco Welter-Schultes fwelter at gwdg.de
Mon May 31 09:41:03 CDT 2010

> combination of the species-group name and the genus group name. So, 
> at what level does one have to determine whether there is synonymy? 

Depends in which science you intend to work. In the eyes of a 
bioinformatician, Uncia uncia and Felis uncia are synonyms. For those 
who intend to apply the ICZN Code's definition, not. 

Under the Code the term "synonym" refers to the taxonomic taxon, 
which is the concept behind Felis uncia, or Panthera uncia, or Uncia 
uncia. This concept is based on the type specimen(s) of the nominal 
taxon Felis uncia. For the synonymy at the species level, you use the 
species-level rank component, = the specific name. In our example 
this is uncia [Schreber], 1776. (For this purpose it is useful to 
cite uncia without genus).

> Or is the combination of genus and species a different rank?
It is the same rank, but you don't use this combination for 
taking decisions on synonymy.

University of Goettingen, Germany

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