[Taxacom] Stacking program for Nikon D90?

Arturo H. AriƱo artarip at unav.es
Mon May 24 18:23:41 CDT 2010

There are some free or open source packages that can do a good stacking job.
In chronological order, I've used AstroStack (http://www.astrostack.com/),
the stacking module in ImageJ (http://rsbweb.nih.gov/ij/), and CombineZ
(http://www.hadleyweb.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/).  Each one has its own
strengths and weaknesses (or its mission profile if you will) and can
generally be used out-of-the-box, although for optimal results all will
benefit from some fiddling with their parameters and other whims.

If you are after taxon surrogates with minimal hassle, perhaps CombineZ is
worth the first try.  However, be aware of some caveats when using this or
any package.  You might want to browse
DGED_edited.pdf, or other chapters in that book

Should you be willing to spend a small fortune, Automontage may still be a
topnotch combination of features and friendly user interface.  And if you
have yet another small fortune to spare (and a heap of specimens to
process), a programmable, motorised or robotised stand can make a BIG



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> Greetings Taxacomers,
> Does anyone know of a stacking program that I can download 
> that I can experiment with?  I have a Nikon D90.
> I have been able to get correctly exposed pictures, now I'd 
> like to experiment with depth of focus.
> Robin

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