[Taxacom] journals available

John La Duke john.laduke at und.edu
Sun May 2 08:28:05 CDT 2010

I am moving and downsizing my journal holdings.  I could sell my back  
issues but would rather donate them to a good cause that is willing  
to pay shipping and the cost of boxes.  The following are available:

American Journal of Botany - vol 62 (1975) to present
Brittonia vol 27 (1975 - 2004)
Madrono vol 21 (1975 - 2008)
Sida vol 7 (1977- 2009)
Southwestern Naturalist vol 22 (1977 - present)
Systematic Biology/Zoology vol 24 (1975-present)
Taxon vol 25 (1976-2009)

The runs should be complete.  I would prefer to send the whole run of  
an individual journal to one place, but would send a whole year.


xposted to herbaria list as well...

John La Duke
Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
University of North Dakota
701 777 3641
john.laduke at und.nodak.edu

We don't have a lot of time so we have to work slowly.

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