[Taxacom] Overview / Reviews of Bird Phylogeny and Biology

Scott LaGreca SLaGreca at berkshiremuseum.org
Wed May 5 08:31:21 CDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,
Our museum is gearing up for a special exhibition on Birds next year. 
I am the natural history staff member here, so I'm responsible for the
scientific content of this exhibition. I want it to be stellar! 
My training is in botany, however, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage
Can anyone please direct me to some well-received, *recent* overviews /
review papers (or websites, or other resources) on the following
1. Bird Phylogeny
2. Bird Morphology (in relation to Bird Phylogeny, of course)
3. Bird Ecology.
The most important paper (or group of papers) I need is one on bird
phylogeny. My training is in systematics, so I would love to feature a
well-illustrated, clear diagram of bird phylogeny as one the panels of
our special exhibition. I can work with our graphics people on this (to
make it "friendly" to our general, non-scientific visitor...) but I need
a starting point...
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
Best wishes,

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