[Taxacom] classifications may be "published" from LifeDesks

Shorthouse, David dshorthouse at eol.org
Wed May 5 16:20:23 CDT 2010


Not long ago, LifeDesks were upgraded to permit the "publishing" of
classifications as Darwin Core Archive files. Without announcement, a
few site owners have done so already:
http://www.lifedesks.org/classifications/. The intention is to make
these available to any biodiversity informatics project (e.g. Global
Names Architecture, EOL) that may find use for them. The ingestion of
well structured native Excel files into a LifeDesk (there are plenty
of examples how to make one), use of its simple editor, and subsequent
publishing as a Darwin Core Archive file with the attribution and
recommended citation of your choice can be a relatively rapid process.
We're also exploring the assignment of DOIs to these classifications
because unlike a dynamically-generated species page, these packages
are static.

If you haven't already explored LifeDesks, I invite you to create one
at http://www.lifedesks.org/create/. You're free to delete it if it
doesn't quite meet your needs. You're also welcome to download the
code and read the whitepaper on how we built LifeDesks here:


David P. Shorthouse
LifeDesks Lead

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