[Taxacom] the cladists are revolting!

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Wed May 5 16:36:39 CDT 2010

I anticipated as much, and in some ways that was also in my response.
I'll have to read the article to see what you refer to as 'hardcore cladist ideology' to see where I fit. But its an irony of life that some point of view or other always gains positions of power. Just look at molecular dispersilism as an example.
John Grehan


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thanks John - though not sure I was representing or misrepresenting anything at all, but just trying to give the post a "smart ass" title ...
cladists who don't attempt to reinvent taxonomy/nomenclature are of course less than revolting, but a lack of necessity doesn't imply that something won't happen or be lobbied for. After all, biological classification doesn't necessarily have any relation whatever to phylogeny, but could just be an information retrieval system. Cladists could study phylogeny independently of classification/taxonomy. But they don't ...
The danger is that people with the hardcore cladist ideology described in the article will increasingly gain positions of power (in universities, and/or as journal editors) where they can reject the work of others for not following the chosen doctrine, and/or that funders will favour those who follow the doctrine ...


From: John Grehan <jgrehan at sciencebuff.org>
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Subject: RE: [Taxacom] the cladists are revolting!

What is more revolting is the way Stephen thorpe is misrepresenting the phylocode as a necessarily cladist position when it is not.
John Grehan


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Subject: [Taxacom] the cladists are revolting!

well, they were revolting in 2004, and I bet they haven't improved ...


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