[Taxacom] ZooKeys in Scopus and PubMedCentral

L Penev lyubo.penev at gmail.com
Thu May 6 00:09:59 CDT 2010

ZooKeys was recently approved for coverage in both Elsevier's Scopus and
PubMedCentral. Scopus will cover current issues as well as back list since
the start of the journal in July 2008. Current and 2009 articles will be
archived in full-content PDF and XML formats in PubMedCentral. Bibliographic
metadata and abstracts* *will also be indexed and available through PubMed.

For XML mark up ZooKeys uses the NLM TaxPub schema, developed by the Plazi
team (www.plazi.org) to provide finer granularity mark up, for instance to
delimit taxon treatments, type material, localities, etc.  within a paper.

This step was made possible thanks to all who supported the journal with
excellent papers, reviews and editorial work. Thanks to NLM and Plazi teams
for the pleasant and efficient collaboration!

ZooKeys Editorial Office
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ZooKeys Managing Editor
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info at pensoft.net

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