[Taxacom] New edition of the Master's Degree Program "Biodiversity in Tropical Areas and its conservation"

Jesús Muñoz jmunoz at rjb.csic.es
Wed May 19 12:17:17 CDT 2010

As the previous editions, the Master's Degree Program "Biodiversity in
Tropical Areas and its conservation" is a one-year MSc program (75 ECTS)
offered jointly by the International University Menendez Pelayo (UIMP,
Ministry of Education, Spain) and the Spanish National Research Council
(CSIC, Ministry of Science, Spain). The program is fully funded by the CSIC,
with a strong emphasis on fellowships for Latinamerican students; the title
is an official European MSc degree conceded by the UIMP. The program will be
taught in Ecuador, with an emphasis on practical studies in natural
reserves. The program is international, with a minimum of 15 and a maximum
of 30 students.


ROUTE TO PhD DEGREE.- Qualified graduates from the MBATC program have the
possibility to continue their PhD studies in CSIC Departments (Real Jardin
Botanico, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, etc.) through separate
application calls opened each year. They can also apply to other programs in
the Spanish science system, or to any European or American university, as
this MSc title is an official European degree.


WHAT DO I NEED TO APPLY TO THE PROGRAM?.- You are eligible to apply to the
program if you hold a Bachelor's degree in any suitable field, especially on
biosciences: biology, forestry, or agriculture, but also in geography or
economics for example.

You must be proficient in Spanish language.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT.- The CSIC offers 5 full scholarships (6300

euros/student) and 5 for registration fees (1300 euros/student). The program
finances additional full and registration scholarships for Latin American


HOW TO APPLY?.- The application period for studies starting in October 2010
is now open until 9-July-2010. Application to the CSIC fellowships is also
open from 18-May to 25 June 2010.

You can find all the information and detailed instructions on how to apply





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