[Taxacom] GBIF: perpetuating probably defunct unpublished names

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Sun May 23 06:57:07 CDT 2010

David Remsen wrote:

"What should the practice be for someone who wants to taxonomically validate their collections data prior to publishing their data via GBIF?"

IMO a major problem is that providers haven't always *wanted* to validate. The aggregators asked for data, and the providers offered it up uncleaned. Not only taxonomically inconsistent, but spatially doubtful. I won't name names, but one provider told me 'The important thing is to get the data up and online, we can worry about cleaning it later. The [aggregator] has time and money to do this, we don't.'

Ken Walker wrote:

"I am beginning to wonder whether discrete taxon treatment websites are indeed better than those that attempt to do all."

How could it be otherwise?
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