[Taxacom] French names for the molluscs of France

JEAN-MICHEL BICHAIN jean-michel.bichain at educagri.fr
Tue May 25 11:31:21 CDT 2010

Dear all,

After several years of collaborative work, the list of french names for
the molluscs of France is now available on the MalaCo website. Designed to
be used by naturalists, site managers and the press, this list gives a
name for each terminal taxa of the French fauna. Some npmes have been
taken from literature, others have been invented, and all have been
submitted to a group of potential users, whose remarks have been taken
into account. The whole creation process is described in a paper currently
in press in the Revue d'Ecologie (Terre et Vie).

Download the list on the MalaCo website

The editorial team

Journal MalaCo

MalaCo (ISSN 1778-3941) is an electronical free journal, with one or two
issues each year, dealing with ecology, biology, systematics and
conservation of continental molluscs. MalaCo publishes original works and
malacological news, and offers practical tools for species identification.

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