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Isa Vandevelde Isa.Vandevelde at naturalsciences.be
Thu May 27 04:44:23 CDT 2010

European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy -- Training opportunities

Dear all,

After its successful Expert-in-training programme for training 
on-the-job, the Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST) has 
launched the Modern Taxonomy course programme to provide future 
professionals with fundamental expert knowledge on basic taxonomy. The 
programme targets topics such as: nomenclature; describing, writing and 
illustrating biodiversity; collection conservation.

More information can be found at:

We would be very grateful if you could bring it to the attention of your 
students or colleagues who might be interested.

Thank you.
With best regards,


Dr Van de Velde Isabella
EDIT  Team Leader RBINS - WP8

Training & Public Awareness


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