[Taxacom] Objective synonyms?

Kim van der Linde kim at kimvdlinde.com
Sat May 29 15:00:43 CDT 2010

An example of an objective synonym is the tarpan (the European wild 
horse) which was described by Johann Friedrich Gmelin in 1774. In 1784 
Pieter Boddaert named the tarpan Equus ferus, referring to Gmelin's 
description. Unaware of Boddaert's name, Otto Antonius published the 
name Equus gmelini in 1912, again referring to Gmelin's description. 
Since the two names refer to the same description, they are objective 

Most synonyms are subjective. And most name changes are just new 


On 5/29/2010 11:00 AM, Curtis Clark wrote:
> On 5/29/2010 5:47 AM, Kim van der Linde wrote:
>> 1 type,  2 description,  2 combination:  objective synonyms
> In botany, the second description would be an emendation, if the new
> combination cited the basionym, and of no nomenclatural meaning. If the
> basionym were not cited, the new name would be illegitimate upon
> publication ("illegitimate" is called something different under ICZN).
> I'd be interested in an example of an objective synonym from any of you
> who exclude new combinations as synonyms.


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