[Taxacom] Objective synonyms?

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Sun May 30 03:24:34 CDT 2010

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Verzonden: zo 30-5-2010 9:53

> [ BTW, reading Art. 45, ICZN, it strikes me that I made an
> error in calling a specific name a "species-group name".
> From Art. 45 I conclude that /Uncia uncia/ is a species-group
> name, but /uncia/ is not. If this is correct then there is
> an inaccuracy in the ICZN Glossary as well: the entry on
> "new combination" should read:
> "The first combination of a generic name and a previously
> established specific name." or perhaps "The first combination
> of a generic name and the specific name of a previously
> established species-group name." which would bring it in
> line with the entry for "combination". ]

This is not right. As I wrote earlier:  
"Easy to read, no; well-designed, no; precise, yes."
Sorry. It certainly would help if the zoological Code
included more examples.


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