[Taxacom] Objective synonyms?

RICHARD E PETIT r.e.petit at verizon.net
Sun May 30 19:12:25 CDT 2010

I never took a "Nomenclature/Taxonomy 101" course but I would think one of 
the first lessons would be:  Both synonyms and homonyms come in two types, 
and one of two qualifiers is needed for each type. Synonyms are either 
objective or subjective, and are either junior or senior.  Homonyms are 
either primary or secondary, and are either junior or senior. It is hard to 
imagine a simpler and more precise declaration than a statement that one 
name is a junior objective synonym of another name.

Any problems with terminology must be in botany where  unnecessary esoteric 
terms such as "basionym" are in use as there is no confusion in zoology.

dick p.

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> non-believer! we need taxonomy to manage the terms used to describe 
> taxonomy!
> jim ;)

seems we have multiple taxonomies, objective and subjective to do so?

someone should write a grant proposal for alternative side-by-side
taxonomies, including an editor to easily drag terms from ICZN to ICBN
and vice versa.



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