[Taxacom] BHL/Internet Archive not working for days!

Chris Freeland Chris.Freeland at mobot.org
Mon May 31 08:00:42 CDT 2010

Stephen - The Internet Archive stores and serves BHL images and a change was made to their application servers, affecting the display of images through the BHL portal.  IA has been made aware of the problem and is working to correct it, though the issue is compounded because Monday is a national holiday in the US.

This underscores the importance of BHL maintaining its own data store so that we are not vulnerable to third party changes, plus the need for global replication of content to ensure continued service & failovers.  We have established a mirror site in Woods Hole, but it's not yet ready to serve images, and we're working with collaborators in Europe & Australia (where I am now) to establish mirrors there/here as well.

We will put stopgap measures in place to get the images serving again from Internet Archive; until then, please view content via http://www.archive.org/details/biodiversity

Sincerest apologies for the (frustrating) disruption,


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Anybody know what is going on with this???


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