[Taxacom] Objective synonyms?

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Mon May 31 18:52:50 CDT 2010

Dude -- I just sprayed my soda all over my computer (half of it through my
nose)!  How about a warning next time you write such a farcical thing!

This is my favorite bit:

"the combination genus + species *is* the species name"

Oh, excuse me...I meant "favourite" bit, because that *is* the only correct
spelling of the word.....

Damn!  The inside of my nose is going to sting for hours.....



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> yep...  everyone switch to the botanical code...  :)
> We have long recognised the three classes you describe and we 
> do and show this through use and insistence on parenthetical 
> authorship to show both the the transferred and the transferee.
> It is not all about glory seeking ego as some uncharitable 
> zoologists have suggested.  It is about the pursuit of  
> 'truth, justice and the taxonomy way'...
> In particular, the combination genus + species *is* the 
> species name and the epithet can not travel in isolation from 
> its genus, just as the author of the epithet can not travel 
> in isolation from the author who reassigned it to another genus.
> The idea of combining the codes is a great and admirable 
> thing, but from a botany perspective this is a die in the 
> ditch issue.  Nobody wants to go backwards.  I reality, I 
> think zoologists do the same thing (more or less) but they 
> just do not regard this piece of information as important and junk it.
> jim (wondering if Linnaeus had any idea at the time what a 
> mess he was creating)
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> > Suggested solutions, anyone?
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