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Mon Nov 1 06:57:10 CDT 2010

Dear Ken,

And this has to do with issues of taxonomy because...?

Congratulations. You and your off topic nonsense have finally 
pushed me to hit the unsubscribe button for this listserve.  

When poser posters like Ken are booted off the listserve, or at least 
moderated, someone drop me a line.  I'll resubscribe then.

-Mark Farmer

On 26 Oct 2010 at 22:30, Kenneth Kinman wrote:

>  Dear All,
>       I was just watching tonight's Frontline program on BP which
> documents that company's apparent lack of concern about safety in an
> apparent pennywise but severely "pound foolish" (to put it mildly)
> effort to maximize profits over many years (particuarly with respect
> to their takeovers of American companies and assets).      
>       Their apparent poor choice of CEOs from one disastrous problem
>       to
> another seems to further indicate a continuing concern of short-term
> profits over safety of either its lower-level employees or the
> environment overall.  As more than person in tonight's Frontline's
> special indicates, the most recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this
> year was just a continuation of the same disconnect between BP upper
> management and the welfare of its employees (as well as the
> environment).   
>         It seems that what poorly regulated capitalism is best at
> producing is greed at the top and suffering among thousands that they
> employee (and millions who ultimately pay the even bigger price from
> pollution, job loss, or even those who die in their biggest
> disasters), Profits trickle up to a few at the top, while misery
> increasingly trickles down to many more at the bottom.              
>      The various levels of the middle classes get a mixed bag of some
> who benefit during economic booms, but a lot of them also get the
> shaft (along with the poorer classes) when economic excesses collapse
> into diasters like 1929 and 2008.  The post-1929 misery was clearly
> more widespread (without the social safety-net that helps many in
> today's situation).  The pay disparity between CEOs and their
> employees has reached a ludicrous disparity that cries out for a
> backlash,  Otherwise, trickle-down economics has no chance whatsoever
> of even beginning to to address economic inequality that still exists.
>           --------Ken  
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