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Director - Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research (CANBR)

The Centre is a collaborative joint venture between CSIRO and the
Director of National Parks (DNP), which aims to enhance the outputs
and uptake from biodiversity research from the combined resources of
the parties.

The activities of the Centre include:

Australian National Herbarium
An active research program involving Taxonomy and Systematics,
Genetics and Ecosystem Science and their practical application to
conserving biodiversity
Taxonomy Research Information Network
Australia’s Virtual Herbarium
Salary Range: A$137K - $172K plus up to 15.4% Superannuation
Tenure: Indefinite
Applicants: International Applicants Welcome

Details: https://recruitment.csiro.au/asp/Job_Details.asp?RefNo=2010%2F741

Applications Close: 15 November 2010

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