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Subject: [Annelida] international course in polychaete biology
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Dear colleagues,

Please distribute widely to potential applicants.


The White Sea Biological station (WSBS) of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State
University offers 2-week field course in polychaete biology in September

The instructor team:
Dr. Alexander Tzetlin (WSBS, RUSSIA)
Alexander Semenov (WSBS, RUSSIA)
Dr. Anna Zhadan (WSBS, RUSSIA)
Dr. Elena Kupriyanova (The Australian Museum, Sydney, AUSTRALIA)
Dr. Elena Vortsepneva (WSBS, RUSSIA)
Dr. Fredrik Pleijel (The Sven LovΓ©n Centre for Marine Sciences, GΓΆteborg
University, SWEDEN)
Dr. Greg Rouse (Marine Invertebrate Phylogeny Lab, Scripps Institution of
Oceanography, USA)
Dr. GΓΌnter Purschke (Department of Zoology & Developmental Biology,
OsnabrΓΌck, GERMANY)
Dr. Katrine Worsaae (Marine Biological Section, Department of Biology,
University of Copenhagen, DENMARK)
Dr. Ken Halanych (Auburn University, Alabama, USA)
Dr. Kristian Fauchald (National Museum of natural History, Smithsonian
Institution, USA)
Dr. Nataliya Budaeva (P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RUSSIA)
Dr. Temir Britaev (A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, RUSSIA)

Location: The White Sea Biological Station is located on the wild and
scenic coast of Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea (66Β° 34' N, 33Β° 08' E)
exactly on the Polar Circle. It is a remote and isolated University
settlement accessible only by boat from the nearest village Poyakonda.
Poyakonda is connected to major cities by train: 21 hours from St.
Petersburg, and 36 hours from Moscow. For information about the station
see http://en.wsbs-msu.ru/.

Course description: The course will provide the participants with a unique
opportunity to get on-hand experience in the field and laboratory study of
polychaete diversity of the White Sea. The course will include one or
occasionally two lectures each day, field trips (intertidal and onboard of
research vessels using both trawling and scuba diving), instruction in the
methods of polychaete sorting, fixation and preservation, laboratory study
of living and preserved polychaetes (microscopy, dissecting and slide
preparation), principles of zoological illustration (line drawing and
digital photography), principles of alpha-taxonomy, determination of major
taxa using taxonomic keys and demonstration of molecular methods used in
modern zoology. Day lectures will provide introduction to the major groups
of polychaetes of the White Sea. Theoretical evening lectures will be
given on various aspects of polychaete biology, reproduction, evolution
and phylogeny.

Applications are invited preferably from graduate students however well
qualified undergraduate student as well as post-docs and researches
interested in polychaetes that recently started their career, may also

Please visit http://wsbs-msu.ru/doc/index.php?ID=107 for detailed
descriptions of the application process and course fees.

Dr Nataliya Budaeva
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
Russian Academy of Sciences
Nakhimovsky Pr., 36
117997 Moscow

nbudaeva at wsbs-msu.ru
nbudaeva at mail.ru

Tel +7 499 124 8510

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