[Taxacom] ZooKeys moved on www.zookeys.org

L Penev lyubo.penev at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 03:22:24 CDT 2010

Starting  with yesterday's issue (No 66), ZooKeys moved to a new platform:
www.zookeys.org, built upon our own editorial management system. Among
several other novelties, articles may now be browsed and searched through
three independent classifications (taxonomic, subject and geographical).
The newly published articles can be followed through
Twitter <http://twitter.com/Zookeys_journal>,
RSS Feeds of ZooKeys
Mendeley <http://www.mendeley.com/groups/608541/zookeys/>, and Email

All manuscripts submitted by today will be completed editorially through the
previous website at www.pensoftonline.net/zookeys. New submissions will be
accepted only through www.zookeys.org

ZooKeys offers free open access publication of up to 15 printed pages (or 15
pages of a larger paper) for the first submission (if accepted for
publication) in any of the following phyla: Acoelomorpha, Brachiopoda,
Cephalorhyncha, Cephalochordata, Chaetognatha, Ctenophora, Cycliophora,
Echiura, Echinodermata, Ectoprocta, Entopocta, Gnathostomulida,
Hemichordata, Mesozoa, Myxozoa, Nemertina, Nematomorpha, Onychophora,
Phoronida, Placozoa, Rotifera, Tunicata. To avoid any controversies, please
inquiry with our Editorial Secretary at zookeys at pensoft.net, if your planned
submission will be first for the respective phylum.

 We would also like to announce that the first impact factor of ZooKeys is
1.133, according to the September issue of the Journal Citation

Best regards,


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Managing Director
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