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Dear colleagues,

To make the search a bit easier I've added the authors and protologue references of the species I'm looking for. I've already tried to contact the herbaria cited in the articles but without success so far.

Cyperus brunneofibrosus Lye 1996 Candollea 51(2):423
Kyllinga cardosi Meneses 1957 Garcia de Orta 4(2): 240
K. eglandulosa & K. pluristaminea Govindarajalu& Ramani, J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 18(2): 335-336
C. microcristatus Lye 2006 Nord. J. Bot. 24(3): 269-272
K. ngothe Mtotomwema 1990 Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 111(3): 294
K. nudiceps Clarke ex. Standl. 1929 Publications of the Field Columbian Museum, Botanical Series 4:199
K. uniflora Mtotomwema 1990 Nord. J. Bot. 9(6): 640
K. urbanii K√ľkenthal 1926 Fedde, Repert. Sp. Nov. 23(12-17): 183

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