[Taxacom] Species-level homonyms - between/within codes

Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
Tue Nov 9 03:37:49 CST 2010

Paul van Rijckevorsel wrote:

> So, taking the example of
>   Aricia brunnescens Zetterstedt, 1845
>   Aricia brunnescens Harrison, 1906
> These species names cannot be homonyms as they are animal names
> (if these were plant names, they would be homonyms). The relevant units
> here are the specific names "brunnescens": since they are in different
> genera the homonymy is to be disregarded.

I realise, they are not technically homonyms under the [zoological] code which indicates that species level homonyms (except in the same genus) do not officially exist, however they are binomial names representing the case of the same name used for different taxa (homonyms in the popular sense) which is the purpose of my disambiguation page. If it is preferred that they are not termed "homonyms" then perhaps there is a more appropriate term?

Regards - Tony

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