[Taxacom] Species-level homonyms - between/within codes

Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
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Well, if it's bogus, it's bogus - as you say, I have not researched every name on the list, this is just a device to separate out the apparent inter-genus species homonyms which can then be looked into further. I did the same at family level and found a few bogus entries there, now deleted :)

All part of ongoing data cleaning. The first step is to expose the things that need to be cleaned... (whether publicly or privately is a different issue)...

Regards - Tony

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Well Tony, Wikisp. may have the disadvantage of manual entry, but it has the advantage of a bit more scrutiny than automated approaches which are often leading to GIGO problems. For example, in your list:

Cynthia carnea
    Cynthia carnea Fritsch (Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Lepidoptera-Nymphalidae) .. within genus: Cynthia Fabricius, 1807
    Cynthia carnea (Agassiz, 1850) (Animalia-Chordata-Ascidiacea-Stolidobranchia-Pyuridae) .. within genus: Cynthia Savigny, 1816 .. (Current name: Dendrodoa carnea)
it is going to take a bit of sorting out, but it is looking quite likely that the lep name is bogus. You probably got it from databases which ultimately harvested LepIndex names. LepIndex is VERY RAW and often sketchy with details. There is very little data (verifiable or otherwise) given on it about Cynthia carnea, but what is indicated is that the name was infrasubspecific (and therefore unavailable) when originally proposed. MAYBE someone later validated it, but LepIndex provides no reason to think that, and if it is so, then the name dates from the subsequent publication (if there is one). If, as I suspect, it hasn't been validated, then there is no homonymy of any kind going on here ...


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Dear Stephen, all,

I've just modified my display code so that the original genus and its authorship is also displayed along with each homonymous species name, which may be of interest to users and also with regard to wikispecies entries etc.

However I'm not sure how manual wikispecies data entry will scale to cope with the hundreds/thousands of disambiguation pages needed for the cases of within-genus homonymy, not presently included in my list; there are plenty of these to be found e.g. within Catalogue of Life, see for example


(I am presuming that not all of these can in fact be "provisionally accepted names" even though listed as such, and maybe the promised appearance of "The Plant List" will fix the majority of these as synonyms).

Regards - Tony

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