[Taxacom] Species-level homonyms - between/within codes

Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
Wed Nov 10 02:42:16 CST 2010

Dear Paul,

You wrote:
As to "[homonyms] can equally exist between Codes as well",
I do not see how Art 52.7 could be more explicit:
   "52.7. Homonymy with names of taxa which are not animals. 
   The name of an animal taxon identical with the name of a 
   taxon which has never been treated as animal is not a 
   homonym for the purposes of zoological nomenclature "

I believe this is perfectly consistent with my previously expressed view - it merely indicates that cross-code homonyms do not require any corrective action under the ICZN Code, which we know already. My interest crosses multiple codes, which is why the cross-code homonymy issue becomes relevant, even if it is not so "for the purposes of zoological nomenclature"...

Regards - Tony

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