[Taxacom] Species-level homonyms - between/within codes

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amusingly, GBIF has managed to confound three homonyms of Poria:


they have attributed the canthocamptid name (which should be attributed to Lang, 
1965, and has been recently replaced, anyway) to Villiers, 1969 (Hemiptera) and 
given the reference as Mulsant, 1850 (Coleoptera)! 

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Another link of interest: "Introduction to Scientific Nomenclature" presentation 
by Hendrik Segers, 2009:


His slide 45 lists some total numbers of within-Code and inter-Code generic 
homonyms, with genus+species homonyms on the following slide, including a couple 
I had missed:

  - Poria cocos: Coleoptera and Fungus

(I have the fungus name, but not the beetle at this time, and have not traced it 

  - Culcita novaeguineae: seastar, and Culcita novae-guineae: fern

Note that the seastar epithet was frequently spelled in the hyphenated form 
prior to hyphenation being eliminated from [almost all] zoological names, see 
for example:


so as an orthographic variant I figure it qualifies :)

Regards - Tony

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> Thanks, Brian - also a recognition enshrined in at least one Code of the
> existence of inter-Code homonyms (that term again...)
> Regards - Tony
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