[Taxacom] ICZN procedure question

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Fri Nov 12 04:03:34 CST 2010

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Verzonden: vr 12-11-2010 9:27

> Jim,

> Forgive me for asking....but have you gone off the deep end?

Given that we have been flooded for decades with electronic
devices (each accompanied by grand marketing claims about
user-friendlines and universality) that in practice proved 
not to work as advertised, or only for a while (until bypassed 
by a next generation), and given an ever-proliferating number 
of 'universal' standards (each needing dedicated, and 
constantly to be updated, software) it looks to me that a 
degree of caution is not a sign of madness?

I do not know if electronic publishing of scientific names is 
going to happen (given that the Codes are retroactive, it is 
possible that it already exists, for example if a future change 
of the Codes determines that all electronic publishing from 
1 January 2000 onwards is accepted as effective/available. 
This is unlikely, but possible!), but the more discussions 
I see on the topic, the more I get the feeling that 
the immediate issue before us is formulating what exact 
conditions and requirements these Official Permanent Paper
Copies will have to meet.

For example, the
* * *

> That's why I advocated a handful of archival paper copies 
> of an electronic registry being generated around the world
> .... "just in case".

* * *

>> It is not in place yet, but I would be suggesting very 
>> strongly to maintainers of nomenclatural and taxonomic 
>> indices that when e-only publication arrives, they print 
>> out and archive copies of their reference material on 
>> archival paper and store it logically in a safe place. 

* * *

> We don't need to print the entire publications; 
> just the bits of relevance to nomenclature (i.e., 
> the registration entries).

are very untraditional: these are moving counter to the way 
the Codes now tend to organize things. A more traditional
approach would be to formulate requirements as to number of 
copies, where (and how) these are to be deposited, and who is 
entitled to make such printed copies.


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