[Taxacom] ICZN procedure question

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As you say, it is still better than nothing even if some publications are
missed. Perhaps declaration of legal deposit could be a requirement for
validity of publication in the Code. Deposit in other depositories in
addition could be optional. Publications from countries without legal
deposit requirements could indicate deposit in the legal depositories of
another country (or, optionally, more than one) that does have them. As you
will have seen, legal deposit is available for both printed and electronic
publications in the UK.


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> You might like to look at this web page:
> http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/stratpolprog/legaldep/index.html
> Other countries have similar systems in place and these collectively
> probably publish most of the taxonomic literature so perhaps the
> about storage are not a problem for the ICZN anyway.
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> Hi Lyn,
> This is fine in theory but, despite the "legal obligation", not everyone
> follows this. Probably because their are no legal repercussions (that I
> know of -if anyone has heard of cases brought to court for
> of a published work, please let me know). The U.S. has a similar
> for publishers receiving ISSN and ISBN numbers  -- to deposit copies in
> Library of Congress -- but this does not always happen either.
> This is not new. I have been researching the holdings of the Stationer's
> Hall in England, which was supposed to be the legal depository for
> publications, and they are missing quite a lot of things published
> throughout the 1800s and probably 1900s as well. Similar gaps are in the
> Bibliotheque National de France despite their rules for depositing
> But I suppose such a "legal obligation" is better than nothing. But
> bet your life on this happening for *every* publication.
> -Neal
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