[Taxacom] ICZN procedure question

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Marry is right. The action of ICZN erodes the bases for a lot of scientific
work based on valid names. Ultimately, the ICZN conservative behavior is
self-destructive to itself.

WE need to get a functional Zoobank and a requirement that names are only
valid if registered, including the submission of a pdf/similar electronic
document and the other criteria chosen.

We need to send the indexing bodies our publications, and with that make
them aware where they can find our publications online, eg the journals they
might have to index. This would already be a great progress.


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One reason for keeping them on TAXACOM is that the issue itself affects all
codes, hence all taxonomists, not just the Zoo Code and zoologists. I can
delete the responses that are about details in the Code as easily as those
comments I (but not everyone) find uninteresting. So please, stay in

Here is another suggestion for the "hard copy somewhere" folks: Mandatory
printout (or scan) sent to the national museum and/or national library (or
any entity designated by the country) plus one in an internationally
recognized institution in another country, plus provide the appropriate
indexing body of the nomenclatural information that has been published.
There is the question of who makes sure that this is done.  

Meanwhile, let's help our indexing bodies expand their abilities so they 1)
can display PDFs, at least of nomenclatural portions of papers; 2) exist in
at least duplicate in different parts of the world; and 3) regularly
exchange information (electronically) with their siblings. This is probably
a funding issue as much as anything. As a start, portals in different
alphabets and languages for submitting information about published names,
such as Paul is setting up for Index fungorum. 



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