[Taxacom] FW: ICZN procedure question

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Fri Nov 12 18:35:55 CST 2010

Just for a bit of clarification:

The "one journal" requirement for Bacteriological names is only for the
*registration* of those names.  The actual published description of the new
names (sensu botany & zoology) may occur in that one journal, or it may
occur in a completely different Journal (how many others there are, I don't

A key point here is that the *registry* for bacteriological names is a
paper-based system (although the journal is also available electronically),
within a Journal.  The vision for Zoobank (and MycoBank) is that the
*registry* is electronic (a database), and not formally tied to any specific
journal (nor even "published", in any traditional sense of that word).



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> >But a major difference
> >-- one that has been proposed for zoology but is loudly rejected for 
> >many reasons -- is the single-journal pass point.  This 
> makes tracking 
> >all names easy -- and it allowed the bacteriologists to go 
> electronic 
> >without some of the objections zoologists are hearing.
> OK, let's say we give this a try for zoology taxonomy. But 
> before we do:
> 1. How many bacteriology journals died to give life to the 
> single journal requirement? 
> 2. How many more editors and funds did it take to handle on 
> all the bacteriology taxonomy in one journal as opposed to a 
> distributed network of editors for different journals?
> What are the answers to these same questions if we replace 
> "bacteriology"
> with "zoology".
> -Neal

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