[Taxacom] in-line and out-of-line

Erast Parmasto erast.parmasto at emu.ee
Sun Nov 14 05:53:26 CST 2010

14. november, 10:31, Doug Yanega wrote:
> if you don't
> believe that GenBank is safe or permanent, then I submit that you
> really, truly, don't understand what GenBank is. Aside from ACTUAL
> banks, and governments, it might be the most secure multinational
> database in existence (maybe there's a global database of weather
> data, which would also be expected to be quite secure). People have
> simply invested TOO MUCH in GenBank to ever let anything happen to
> it, and it's valuable to all sorts of people, all over the world -
> and that's exactly the thing we need to exploit: if we want an
> archive that works, it has to be *universal*, *indispensable* and
> *irreplaceable*, just like GenBank is. That is what will guarantee
> its safety and permanence.
       I am surprised nobody has used neither the term _Cyberwarfare_ nor
_Cyberterrorism_ in this discussion. The problem of safety is not
as simple and bright as it seems to some young(er) people living
far from cyberwar first test fields.
    Yes, this is a side-issue (now). On the main problem discussed:
Boolean logic teaches us, that there is a possibility to use several
(logical) operators; not only _or_ but also _and_.
     Erast Parmasto
     Museum of Natural History of the
     Tartu University, Tartu, Estonia

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