[Taxacom] taxacom NZ Inventory

Geoffrey Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Wed Nov 17 04:10:10 CST 2010

> On 16 Nov 2010 at 22:43, Stephen Thorpe wrote:

> The genus Paracymus DOES occur in N.Z., and I did neither say nor imply
> that it didn't.

I think you did imply that it didn't, but never mind. It just illustrates
the difficulty of responding to someone's criticism of an unpublished item
which only they have seen. Which is why I think it is unfair to make that
criticism public in a forum like this.

I take it Stephen that you now disown authorship of the 2003 checklist I
mentioned which committed the same 'sins' you object to. Namely new
generic records (in that case) quote, "derived from unpublished work by
the authors and the reviewers".

Is there an analogy here with former sinners being the most strict in
enforcing a new religion? I wonder.


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