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Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
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your question is based on an incorrect assumption, for I do not claim to have 
better taxonomic knowledge than anyone for any taxa - but I do claim to have 
better FAUNISTIC knowledge than anybody of the N.Z. beetle fauna (except that Al 
Newton of Chicago has better knowledge of the N.Z. Staphylinoidea, and perhaps a 
few other specialists of their particular groups), as a result of doing little 
else for a decade other than looking in collections, in the field, and tracking 
all relevant literature. I have no problem with collaboration, provided only 
that I get due aknowledgement. I would perhaps be useless as a beetle 
taxonomist, but am nevertheless perhaps the best person to compile a list of the 
N.Z. beetle fauna. Here is another unfortunate result of the Inventory beetle 
compiler not collaborating with me:


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I'm curious. What taxa do you think you have better taxonomic knowledge of
than all your peers, thus those where you would expect others to mostly
leave the compilation of info (print checklist, online facility, or
whatever) to you,  and what proportion did those groups occupy in the 2003
list, or indeed do they occupy in the forthcoming Coleoptera list in the
unpublished NZ Inventory book vol 2?

Also, are there any NZ/world groups in which you have an interest where,
in conjunction with another professional entomologist with overlapping
interests, you might see yourself exchanging views, and producing a
collaborative paper that would be better than either's solo effort?


On Thu, November 18, 2010 9:30 am, Stephen Thorpe wrote:

> It is WAY more complicated than that! I was not originally invited to
> contribute
> to that checklist, but I happened to see a late proof, and let's just say
> that I
> managed to convince the authors that it would be somewhat imprudent of
> them to
> publish without significant revisions that I offered to freely make, for
> the
> sake of the quality of the end product.


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