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Geoffrey Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Wed Nov 17 22:42:09 CST 2010

By the way this yet to be published book, which Stephen has not yet seen,
is not an official New Zealand 'government' publication. Our government
simply doesn't do much science anymore - it's mostly farmed out. The three
volumes which overview all of NZ's biota are a voluntary collaborative
effort of many individuals and published by a university-based publishing
house.  All authors would have 'donated' private time to it, and the
editor has 'donated' endless personal  hours to it.  It would be fair to
say that the scale of it all, and length of time it's taken - ten years so
far since conception with Species 2000, have been daunting, but his
employer has continued to be supportive. Some of the authors would have
done the work totally unfunded, others mostly with limited funding coming
from project funds competitively won from New Zealand's impoverished
equivalent of Usa's NSF, and a few may even have been lucky enough to do
whatever science writing they like in their work time.

"More than 220 New Zealand and overseas specialists have collaborated to
produce the most comprehensive book of its kind in the world."

Vol.3  In prep.

A pity it couldn't have been 221 collaborating and not 220 and 1
dissident. And the ins and outs of why it wasn't are still somewhat murky
to me at least.


On Thu, November 18, 2010 2:57 pm, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
[...]  I would perhaps be useless as a beetle taxonomist, but am
nevertheless perhaps the best person to compile a list of the N.Z. beetle

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