[Taxacom] Natural History Museum in Lima discussion on closing TOMORROW!

Frank Farruggia frank_farruggia at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 18 17:20:49 CST 2010

Barry and Taxacomers,

I forgot to add the contact information for the letters apposing the closing of the museum.  It is as follows:

"Please write an e-mail message with the subject: “Apoyo al Museo de 
Historia Natural” as soon as possible (a meeting will be held tomorrow 
Friday to discuss this plan). And a message mentioning your support opposing and rejecting the 
destruction of the museum and instead requesting a larger help for this 
82 year old institution Message should be directed to Dr. Betty Millan, Director of the Museum: bmillans at gmail.com<mailto:bmillans at gmail.com>

Copy to the President of the University Luis Izquierdo Vásquez: lizquierdo at oftalmosalud.com.pe<mailto:lizquierdo at oftalmosalud.com.pe>; rectorado at unmsm.edu.pe<mailto:rectorado at unmsm.edu.pe>


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Hi Frank – To whom should we write? I was about to deposit a number of holotypes in the arthropod collections there as required by my collecting permits.

All the best! - Barry

-So many mites, so little time!

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On 11/18/10 3:12 PM, "Frank Farruggia" <frank_farruggia at hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear Taxacom Community,

I have included an important request regarding the Natural History Museum in Lima.  Apparently tomorrow there will be a discussion about closing the museum.  The message below is asking for you to write a message of concern to the committee, please see the details in the message below.  Thank you. 


Frank Farruggia, PhD

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-------- Original Message --------

Dear WEBS community:

Please read the email message below.  Whether or not you work in Peru,

loss of the Natural History Museum in Lima (it houses a vast herbarium)

would be tragic.  I personally rely on these collections as well as the

taxonomists who work in the Museum, but we would all agree that these

collections must be maintained for current and future generations.

There is a meeting tomorrow to discuss this, so if you can, please write

 a message today.  We are doing our best to garner support from the

international community.  This would classify in WEBS terminology as

"important and urgent"!

To make life easier, I am pasting the message I wrote just this morning.  Feel free to copy, edit, and paste as appropriate.

Estimada Dra. Millans:

Le escribo para comunicarle que me opongo en totalidad a la propuesta

para la construcción de un nuevo centro académico en el área ahora

ocupado por el Museo Natural de Historia.

Muchos investigadores latinoamericanos y estadounidenses

benefician directamente de la gran colección de flora y fauna que

alberga el Museo.  Esta colección

no tiene valor y debe ser conservada a todo costo como patrimonio

cultural y mundial ya que la biodiversidad del Perú representa una de

las más importantes en el mundo.

Le ruego que por favor conserve el Museo Natural de Historia y

considere como se puede incrementar el apoyo a esta institución.

Sería trágica la pérdida del Museo tanto para los pueranos como para

la comunidad global de científicos e individuos interesados en

conservar la biodiversidad mundial.




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