[Taxacom] Happy Thanksgiving?

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>> I guess this is all off topic, but I'll bite since things are
>> pretty slow at present.  Can a hotel actually prevent you from leaving
>> the country because you can't pay your bill?  Especially from the United
>> Kingdom (one of our strongest allies)?
> The original e-mail is a scam, Joel is not in the predicament he supposedly
> claimed to be. Joel did not knowingly send the e-mail, but it was sent by a
> computer virus which was quite common a few years ago.

* these things are amazingly adaptive, constantly evolving to fill 
vacant niches in the gullibility-space of recipients, and to evade 
predation by spam filters. I hope somebody somewhere is seriously 
working on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the scenarios and grammatical 
lapses of spam (I'm just a casual collector, forwarding particularly 
egregious gem-quality specimens to the wife & son-in-law).

Congratulations to Ken on pulling the leg of the present scenario!

There's a schedule of non-travelling holidays at page 103 of 
http://pinicola.ca/HOW2beta.pdf  -- "As a household we’re blessed with a 
combination of the tradition of an anti-liturgical-calendar Christian 
sect and a poetic-naturalist background, so we’ve had to start from 
scratch to round out a natural liturgical calendar for eastern Ontario 
with place-dependent seasonal and a few calendric dates. Many of our 
rituals are rooted in the naturalist tradition of sacramental data 
acquisition -- particular events are recorded, both to celebrate them, 
to sacrifice favoured hypotheses to them, and to help bind all adherents 
into closer agreement by forging more generally acceptable stories."

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