[Taxacom] saturday morning fun

Wolfgang Lorenz faunaplan at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 27 01:51:00 CST 2010

Dear All,
GBF has more than 267 million occurrence records.
No doubt, there is some quality in that quantity - accessible for those who
have plenty of time and knowhow to tickle it out. Much easier to see some of
the most spectacular errors:

E.g. this:

GBIF informs us they have 4.485.773 records for Insecta Coleoptera.
Of these, 643.863 georeferenced records ("from a total of 583.664 records"
[sic!]) are displayed on the map for a single nearctic species: "Mimus
polyglottos", the Northern Mockingbird, a curculionid beetle species which
has some subspecies belonging to birds.

..... but, okay, they wanted to arrive at full operational status in 2011
(according to GBIF's own strategic plan)



Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

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