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I rather think Geoff is missing the point ... but at any rate, why is the beetle 
genus Mimus an accepted name on GBIF when it was replaced with a new name, due 
to the homonymy, in 1999  (11 years ago)??? See:

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The bird genus homonym is way senior to the beetle genus and on the beetle
genus page there is a disambiguation warning thus, with a direct link to
the bird genus.

The name Mimus is ambiguous and also refers to:

    * Kingdom: Animalia
    * Phylum: Chordata
    * Class: Aves
    * Order: Passeriformes
    * Family: Mimidae
    * Genus: Mimus

But stir away. I tend to agree  an aggregator should be able to auto
prevent such Huh! moments.


On Sun, November 28, 2010  Wolfgang wrote:

> GBF has more than 267 million occurrence records.
> No doubt, there is some quality in that quantity - accessible for those
> who
> have plenty of time and knowhow to tickle it out. Much easier to see some
> of
> the most spectacular errors:
> E.g. this:
> GBIF informs us they have 4.485.773 records for Insecta Coleoptera.
> Of these, 643.863 georeferenced records ("from a total of 583.664 records"
> [sic!]) are displayed on the map for a single nearctic species: "Mimus
> polyglottos", the Northern Mockingbird, a curculionid beetle species which
> has some subspecies belonging to birds.
> ..... but, okay, they wanted to arrive at full operational status in 2011
> (according to GBIF's own strategic plan)
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
> -----------------------------------
> Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany


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