[Taxacom] Inappropriate accuracy of locality data

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In the USA that is due to the fact that a describe line (property border for example) takes precedence over a measured line. For example, if I describe my south property line as between a creek and a tree but give the distance as a 100 feet when it is really 120 feet,  the legal border is still between the creek and the tree. If I only register the 100 feet with no description, I've just lost 20 feet.
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> In the competition for the next Webster Award, the score is now:
> Kansas 1
> Tasmania 0
> I can barely remember being young, but back then the response to a locality 
> request was something like "over yonder" or "down that road a spell."
> Once I saw a deed to property in which one direction was "at the creek the 
> property line runs 4 arrow shots upstream."
> dick p. 
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