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> Stephen,
> Thanks for the summary.  I'd be interested to hear what various
> Catalogue of Life providers think of all this.  I know some taxonomic
> sectors,  like the Lepidoptera,  derived from LepIndex NHM-London,
> have not been thoroughly reviewed, falling into your 'raw' category.

There were a number of errors in LepIndex Papilionidae last time I looked, 
despite good work from George Beccaloni. Apart from the taxonomy not being 
up to date, there were a number of species and genera belonging to other 
families inside the Papilionidae list.

I assume that similar errors occur across the sources of CoL/GBIF etc. There 
are certainly similar errors in Wikispecies, trouble is I don't have enough 
time to do my own work, never mind assist in correcting such errors 
(although I did send an e-mail to GB about the non-Papilionidae in the 
list). I guess it's the same story for most of us who could sort out the 
errors if we had time.

Adam Cotton. 

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