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I suspect that you are missing a crucial point. Yes, there are errors on 
Wikispecies, BUT they are (1) fixable immediately by anyone, and (2) 
discoverable by way of the references cited. Many Wikispecies pages do not yet 
have any references cited, but you can (as I do) think of these as effectively 
empty pages that haven't been written yet, and ignore them completely, but they 
are all you get on the likes of GBIF. Wikispecies empowers the user to verify 
for themselves if they need to...

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> Stephen,
> Thanks for the summary.  I'd be interested to hear what various
> Catalogue of Life providers think of all this.  I know some taxonomic
> sectors,  like the Lepidoptera,  derived from LepIndex NHM-London,
> have not been thoroughly reviewed, falling into your 'raw' category.

There were a number of errors in LepIndex Papilionidae last time I looked, 
despite good work from George Beccaloni. Apart from the taxonomy not being 
up to date, there were a number of species and genera belonging to other 
families inside the Papilionidae list.

I assume that similar errors occur across the sources of CoL/GBIF etc. There 
are certainly similar errors in Wikispecies, trouble is I don't have enough 
time to do my own work, never mind assist in correcting such errors 
(although I did send an e-mail to GB about the non-Papilionidae in the 
list). I guess it's the same story for most of us who could sort out the 
errors if we had time.

Adam Cotton. 


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