[Taxacom] saturday morning fun

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
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>Of course I realise I could spend hours and weeks editing Wikispecies, but my 
>point was that I don't have time to do it

If everyone contributed a little, then we would have a lot

Besides, there is a big difference btwn spending "hours and weeks" *adding* 
data, and just flagging errors when you spot them (so they could then be fixed 
by people with more time)

anyway, what's the alternative? Being fed the same bad data by closed source 
"official looking" sites, and not being able to fix or flag errors? Are you 
happier with that???


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I suspect that you are missing a crucial point. Yes, there are errors on
Wikispecies, BUT they are (1) fixable immediately by anyone, and (2)
discoverable by way of the references cited. Many Wikispecies pages do not 
have any references cited, but you can (as I do) think of these as 
empty pages that haven't been written yet, and ignore them completely, but 
are all you get on the likes of GBIF. Wikispecies empowers the user to 
for themselves if they need to...


I was not "missing a crucial point" at all. Of course I realise I could 
spend hours and weeks editing Wikispecies, but my point was that I don't 
have time to do it.

Adam Cotton. 


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