[Taxacom] NEW: 20 monographs from Zootaxa, published yesterday

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Wed Sep 1 16:21:54 CDT 2010

it might be noted that Zootaxa gets its new taxa counts from the authors, and 
doesn't check them, so their counts are not always accurate. For example:
for the 20 monographs, I make it 346 new taxa + 9 new replacement names 
 not 361 new taxa! They claim 35 new genera in Lepidoptera, but there is only 
one monograph on Lepidoptera and the abstract indicates 19 new genera, which 
tallies with the contents and with my counts. Similarly, in Coelenterata, there 
is just 1 new species, not 23! Still the numbers don't quite add up, but 
possibly some authors included new replacement names and some didn't ...


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If you use social networking things such as Twitter, you will find Zootaxa 
updates of new contents everyday at: 


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