[Taxacom] WoRMS fixes Kerguelenia ...

Geoffrey Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Thu Sep 2 23:11:27 CDT 2010

On Fri, September 3, 2010 1:57 pm, Stephen Thorpe wrote:
> Yep, got it Geoff ... but don't you think that the Wiki system, with
> stable URLs
> to every previous version of a page, is better?

For arguing over who did what - yes.  For efficient updating of
information - no.  :-). I totally take your point that going back in time
to view a previous state is possible in Wikis without the forethought that
would necessary in WoRMS. Just don't know how often one would need to.

> So, how should we interpret the "edit history" on a WoRMS genus page like
> Kerguelenia? What does it tell us?

Each date indicates that the taxon Xus was edited on that day by the said
person for any of taxon name, authority, rank, parent taxon, status,
accepted name, type, type designation, environment, fossil range. Mostly
all things relating to the nomenclature of the name. The edit might be
really trivial but the edit history will still update.

Updating or linking sources in WoRMS does not create a new edit date for
the taxon record, nor does adding various notes. But you can look at the
details of notes to see their individual edit histories.

One nifty thing you can do in WoRMS is to click on a source details link
and see all the taxa linked to that publication. Very handy sometimes -
including for spotting errors such as two variant entries in the
literature tables.


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