[Taxacom] WoRMS fixes Kerguelenia ...

Stephen Thorpe stephen_thorpe at yahoo.co.nz
Fri Sep 3 17:52:05 CDT 2010

yep Paul, I can't sneak anything past you, can I? On wikispecies, the 
Taxonavigation on a page can change without an edit change on that page. This is 
a minor problem which I will think about how best to handle. However, it is a 
different problem to the WoRMS case. On WoRMS, changes to lower levels in the 
hierarchy than the page you are looking at (e.g. species in a genus) can happen 
without an edit change on that page, whereas on Wikispecies it is only the 
higher levels ...


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> [...] On Wikispecies, any changes affecting the content of what
> appears on a genus (or other) page are logged in the edit history
> of THAT page ... my point being just that this is a more powerful
> structure than WoRMS and the like ...

Obviously that is not an accurate statement: Wikispecies uses
templates, which in turn use templates, which in turn ..., etc

It may be necessary to look at quite a few pages to find who did 
what when; also, it may well be impossible to find out what a page 
looked like at a particular point in the past ...


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