[Taxacom] New Zealand earthquake (and California's future)

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Sat Sep 4 22:31:07 CDT 2010

Hi Jim,
      Glad to hear that the damage is not too severe and that injuries
are also low.  If such a quake occurred that close to Los Angeles or San
Francisco, it would be FAR worse, because most Californians in general
still don't seem to take the danger seriously enough.  That's where the
next major disaster is looming, and like New Orleans after Hurricane
Katrina, it will generate a lot of misery, damage, looting, and years of
finger-pointing about who is to blame.  
      Although parts of southern California might be marginally a better
place to avoid disasters than coastal Louisiana, I don't anyone could
offer me enough money to settle in either place.  And if the earthquakes
don't eventually get you in southern California, there's also the raging
forest fires, criminal population, or economic downturns.  Unless you
are lucky or vey well off financially, it's Paradise Lost.  The risk of
tornados here in Kansas seem a relatively minor risk in comparison.  And
no more dust bowl, so a few of those displaced "Okie" descendants (from
the Grapes of Wrath) might well be tempted to migrate AWAY from
California.  California seems to have had lots of PR folks touting its
virtues since the Gold Rush days, but the PR seems to be fleeting at
best when reality finally sets in.  Caveat emptor!!!!  In California,
crumbling chimneys will be the least of their worries.
Jim Croft wrote:
      News from Jerry Cooper and Ilse Breitweiser from Landcare Research
in Christchurch and herbarium CHR is that staff and collections are all
You can follow twitter commentary and updates on #eqnz 
Looks like anything with a brick gravity wall suffered structured
damage, i.e. nearly every chimney in town... 

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