[Taxacom] New Zealand earthquake (and California's future)

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Sat Sep 4 23:17:21 CDT 2010

  Been there, done that:


I survived the 1992 and 1994 events (in 1971 I was dodging tornadoes in 

An 8.0 will cause major damage in either Los Angeles or Christchurch.

On 9/4/2010 8:31 PM, Kenneth Kinman wrote:
> Hi Jim,
>        Glad to hear that the damage is not too severe and that injuries
> are also low.  If such a quake occurred that close to Los Angeles or San
> Francisco, it would be FAR worse, because most Californians in general
> still don't seem to take the danger seriously enough.  That's where the
> next major disaster is looming, and like New Orleans after Hurricane
> Katrina, it will generate a lot of misery, damage, looting, and years of
> finger-pointing about who is to blame.
>        Although parts of southern California might be marginally a better
> place to avoid disasters than coastal Louisiana, I don't anyone could
> offer me enough money to settle in either place.  And if the earthquakes
> don't eventually get you in southern California, there's also the raging
> forest fires, criminal population, or economic downturns.  Unless you
> are lucky or vey well off financially, it's Paradise Lost.  The risk of
> tornados here in Kansas seem a relatively minor risk in comparison.  And
> no more dust bowl, so a few of those displaced "Okie" descendants (from
> the Grapes of Wrath) might well be tempted to migrate AWAY from
> California.  California seems to have had lots of PR folks touting its
> virtues since the Gold Rush days, but the PR seems to be fleeting at
> best when reality finally sets in.  Caveat emptor!!!!  In California,
> crumbling chimneys will be the least of their worries.
> ==================================
> Jim Croft wrote:
>        News from Jerry Cooper and Ilse Breitweiser from Landcare Research
> in Christchurch and herbarium CHR is that staff and collections are all
> ok.
> You can follow twitter commentary and updates on #eqnz
> Looks like anything with a brick gravity wall suffered structured
> damage, i.e. nearly every chimney in town...
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