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update from the Christchurch herbarium


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Hi everyone

Right now I am at Landcare Research at Lincoln for an initital damage
assessment and clean up.  I can confirm that the Allan Herbarium is
OK.  Only one cabinet fell over, but it’s now standing again.  A few
ceiling panels came down, but they didn’t do any damage.   Not a
single herbarium sheet is damaged.  All Allan Herbarium staff are
fine.  Their houses are also mainly undamaged.  Kerry Ford’s house has
some damage from a chimney that came down, but the house is safe.
Some of us have of course quite a mess at home because of falling over
book shelves etc., there are holes in some gardens and “silt
volcanoes”.  Rainer and I lost only some pottery, vases, bottles, the
underfloor insulation, and a window has a crack – so, we are extremly
lucky.  Our offices look much better than I thought they would. Our
Canterbury University botanists are also fine.  Jo Ward has a big hole
in her house from a broken chimney, but she is fine.  Most other
Landcare Research staff are also fine, but one got some injuries and
several have lost their houses.  I don’t know details at that stage.

We have to leave the Landcare Research site in 15 minutes.  My phone
(and some others) don’t work.  We will probably be allowed back in on

I think we are all rather exhausted from the experience, we are rather
“shaken”, but we are all happy that we are alive.  There are still a
lot of aftershocks.  The road from Christchurch to Lincoln is quite
damaged – we had to search for a road that got us there.  I am not
quite sure how the situation will develop about water and sewage.  At
that stage we are only requested to use as little water as possible
and boil it for 3 minutes.



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