[Taxacom] New CUIC website

James K. Liebherr jkl5 at cornell.edu
Tue Sep 7 11:09:40 CDT 2010

*The Cornell University Insect Collection (CUIC) is happy to announce*

release of a new, vastly improved website for use by systematic 
entomologists. We have attempted to provide some useful information to 
the casual web-surfer, at the same time giving the professional user the 
opportunity to search our type database, and to learn general 
information concerning our taxonomic holdings. Given our size, we have 
eschewed the development of a comprehensive specimen-level database. 
Instead we are targeting important taxa for that activity; various bee 
taxa will be so treated under our new NSF bee databasing project (done 
in collaboration with the AMNH, John Ascher PI, and numerous other 
bee-holding institutions).

We have a number of specialized collections, including the James Needham 
collections of Odonata and Ephemeroptera, and the Oskar Johannsen 
collections of various nematoceran families. We have databased these 
slide-mounted collections, and the taxon lists are available as PDFs 
associated with the various pages describing the collections.

The CUIC has had a long-standing tradition of accessioning both 
holotypes and other primary types, as well as paratypes. This results in 
a substantial curatorial load, however type specimens of more than 7300 
species are currently searchable in our collection.

The link to the new website is: http://cuic.entomology.cornell.edu/

James K. Liebherr
Professor & Curator
Department of Entomology
Cornell University Insect Collection
2144 John & Anna Comstock Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-2601 U.S.A.
CUIC website: http://cuic.entomology.cornell.edu/

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